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Customer Reviews

When a seller says how great it is about its clip in or tape in hair extensions and pricing, customers would naturally discount and suspect it. Below are some of the recent testimonials cropping up on internet.
Since some of our collections are also sold at the third party platforms such as Amazon and Esty, more customers product reviews can be found at each product page at and as well.
(Note: The and the are just additional sales channels for us. Majority of products are the same.  And the policies and customer service are similar. The differences include 1) given the additional costs with Amazon or Etsy, the overall pricing for the same products there can be a little higher, 2) there is no free shipping nor sign-up or other rewards on Amazon or Etsy, 3) nor do we run any promotions there from time to time, 4) not all products are the same and some products are exclusively available on our official website only, e.g., the 24" 220g collection.).

Customer Testimonials Cropping up on Internet

As the Tressmatch brand gains poplularity, more and more written, blogs, photo and video reviews are cropping up on internet. For instances,
At, excited customers share theri selfies wearing Tressmatch Extensions on Instagram;
Most recently, our customer Amy VandenBoogert posted her blog “The 3 Month Mark” which records her experience wearing Tressmatch Extensions and shares her proven care & maintenance tips at
“The extensions themselves still look good, still feel soft and style well. I only wash them maybe once a month, but sometimes I’ll rinse them with water or spay them down with water in a spray bottle to get an old style out so I can restyle them……The dye job I did when I first got the extensions has held up well since I don’t wash them every day like I do my own hair…I apply a Moroccan Oil treatment to the extensions every 2-3 weeks to keep them nourished and soft… I wear my extensions a lot so they’ve gotten some mileage out of them already. I’ve also received tons of compliments on my hair while wearing extensions… these extensions have fooled many into thinking it was all my own hair.”
At, there was an article saying,
"Clip in Hair Extensions by TressMatch -Turn fly away hair into flowing locks!
This brand is fairly new to the clip-in hair extension scene but is increasingly becoming a popular choice. Now I'll admit, the price did make me do a double take (they are one of cheaper brands when it comes to hair), but I was quickly reassured by the positive reports from people who had bought the hair. TressMatch hair clip-ins are easy to curl and style, remarkably good value for money and great quality."
At, a customer posted eight photos comapring Tressmatch hair and another brand hair she bought. She commented,
"(Tressmatch) bottome looks nice and silky also thick, It's thick from top to bottom. No split ends, no breakage, no nothing!!" while "(another brand) the bottom is hairless, weak, splt ends, no so natural. There extensions are nto even good enought for people with thin hair"
"Be very careful when buying extensions.. the bad one on the left side (another brand) cost about 60-80$, got damaged in 1 week, was well taken cared of but still messed up. Right side (Tressmatch) cost me 114$ worn 20x !"
Also, at, a customer showed off "her best investment" with Tressamatch hair.
At, a customer washed and tested the hair and found "no shedding at all".
At, a customer praised the good hair quality for the price.
At, a customer posted her beautiful pictures wearing our extensions.
Examples of Customer Reviews from this webstore  (
 - very excited
Posted by Molly Brinkman on 25th Aug 2012
I was very excited to receive my hair extensions today, I have purchased a couple sets before and would have to say this is the best one yet. The hair is very shiny, it simply glows. Also it blended easily with my hair. The hair itself feels like silk and holds curl very well. I highly recommend this hair extensions to anyone looking for great inexpensive extensions.
-super happy
Posted by Christina Merritt (GA) on 23rd Jul 2012
the hair is amazing! and the price! I bought a set of hair extensions almost three times of this price. But I feel the quality was not as comfortable as this one. So excited!Thank you so much!
-The hair is amazing
Posted by Mimi Baker on 13th Jul 2012
Nice product at great price. I have brought many other hair extensions at this price but what I got was much thinner. And the best part is that this one has little tangling and shedding. It is good hair quality. I don't understand why the hair quality of all "Remy" (at least that's what they said) varies so much between different brands. I love that for this one I can always run my fingers through.
-pretty quality hair except a little bit darker than my own hair
Posted by Meagan (California) on 13th Jul 2012
One of my girlfriends are wearing this and they said I should throw away the crap hair I got from the beauty store and got this. I did not care much. Then I happened to get a coupon from her so I tried. Wow...I was a fool spending a fortune at the beauty store. This is way thicker. And the hair stays in good shape after washes. My hair is a bit lighter than the product color.Make sure to examine color carefully
-really good hair
Posted by Gail (Virginia) on 14th Jul 2012
I bought this set two weeks ago after many times of back and forth between several sites including pro hair extensions, luxyhair, and Amazon. I would say the hair is the best so far I've bought for this great price. Initially I was looking into pro extensions and luxy hair for a long time. I feel they are still too expensive over my budget, so I went to Amazon shopping for cheaper ones. TressMatch caught my eye for its pricing and cute pictures. Then I searched on google (I often did this trying to find if there are some better deals :)).Then I found this website, clearly it's a new store. But given the price and Amazon reviews, I bought it. So far I am so happy for the deal. Highly recommended to everyone to have a try!
--Beautiful hair, June 3, 2012
By Michelle (South Carolina)
[Artisan set 16" remy (remi) human hair clip in extensions light/bleach blonde (color #613) 2.8oz(80grams) at]
This hair is comfortable to touch. It does not shed as much. I have thin hair so this is good enough for me to add volume. Given the price it is wonderful.
Examples of Customer Reveiws from Amazon & Etsy
( "Tressmatch" &
 We listed our products on Below are the reviews and testimonials we received from “Amazon Verified Purchases” on our Amazon pages, which can be used as your reference as well.
"Recieved 4 days early! & i LOVE them. Gorgeous hair",
 Jessica,September 10, 2012 ( "Tressmatch Hair Extensions" feedback rating)
  So Happy with this choice ! July 25, 2012
By jasmine smith
Amazon Verified Purchase
I was a little scared with there only being ( 2 ) reviews, BUT , this hair extensions are very good quality. Im not messing with tracks & glue or the micro bead individuals ever again. Im sick of damaging my real hair and not letting it breath. These are SOFT , SILKY , SHINY & in perfect condition. I DIDNT even have to trim them! I have short hair, right above my shoulders. If you want your hair to GROW, you must do head massages with your nails 1 time a day at least, get the blood flowing and more !
With this choice of hair extentions I can take them out if I need to touch up my hair or roots with dye ! I can also avoid the black glue with the tracks. Even tho the micro bead individuals were very nice. ur stuck with them for up to 3 months. Ill never choose another method again. These hair extensions were in better condition than my real hair ! Perfect match. I would order them again if I ever need to from here ! I may post pictures later before/after. Oh and I got them in 1 full business day !
 Very silky and natural looking July 23, 2012
By Angel
Amazon Verified Purchase
These hair extensions came less than 2 days after I ordered it. I am very happy with the weight, color and texture of the hair. It was an excellent buy and the seller was wonderful. 5 stars!
 Love it!! June 16, 2012
 By Bridget
Amazon Verified Purchase
I lOve these hair extensions so smooth slinky an plus it's perfect length and price is really good I bought hair extensions at Sally's for almost 200 and. They 18 inch this hair is perfect and I'll continue to buy HIGHLY RECOMMONES PLUS IT CAME REALLY FAST IN MAIL!!
 Great product! June 22, 2012
By KDesnoyers
Amazon Verified Purchase
I was very pleased with the quality of these hair extensions, especially considering I've bought much more expensive extensions that were not nearly as nice as these. The seller was very prompt and I had my order in 2 days, which was well before their anticipated arrival date. Thank you very much, again I'm very happy with this product and would highly recommend! (
 Nice beautiful hair...thank you June 1, 2012
By Rachel
Amazon Verified Purchase
I feel like I finally found a seller who has been honest about what they sell. The hair extensionsI received it is as it said. I love the volume it adds and different styles I can create. In fact I weighted it and it is a bit more than 140g. The nice thing is the end og the hair is pretty neat and not as stringy as other hair I got so i do not have to cut off the end like I always did. Pure and beautiful light blonde. It does not tangle as easily although I washed it for a few time now. I feel great when I put it on! It has 6 small pieces but I don't really need that many.
    Gorgeous June 20, 2012
By Erika
Amazon Verified Purchase
Excellent customer service with fast shipping. These hair extensions are so soft & gorgeous & at a better price than I usually pay. I love them & will absolutely get them again :-) (
   Love my hair love my look May 26, 2012
By Rachel
Amazon Verified Purchase
My girlfriend recommended this brand name to me. Seeing how nice it looks on her, I got it without hesitation, especially with the price. I will say the set I got looks even better than the pictures. I have fine blonde hair which is slightly darker than the set. However I was told to get a lighter tone. And this one blends and flatters my hair really well. I love to run my fingers over my hair since it feels so soft. The hair looks so natural on me so some people thought it is my own hair! I got a lot of compliments. Some times I just put on the larger pieces and skip the smaller ones. My sister who has brown hair is using the smaller ones from my set as streaks and both of us are happy!
  Pretty good Quality for the price June 25, 2012
By DianeAudrey
Amazon Verified Purchase
I ordered mine Saturday and got them Monday the delivery was super fast , great price for 20 inch i straightened them to see if they were real hair and they were so happy with that , thought they were going to be a little thicker for a 140g they look more like a 80-100g to me that bummed me out! they look very silky and shiny .. i have not yet tried them or wore them , so when i have wear and washed them i will come back and make another review but so far so good (: (
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Initial post: Jun 26, 2012 8:46:31 PM PDT
good reviews. perhaps also keep in mind that many sets of human hair extensions on the market are very thick at the top and middle part but super thin at the bottom, thus they look bulky or thicker overall because of a lof of short and cheap hair inside. thus a set with larger proportion of long hair looks relatively thinner. welcome to disscuss the issue (