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Product Guarantees

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 When customers shop around, we encourage you to compare and test clip in hair extensions based on prices, quality and purpose of use. Based on our testing of a range of comparable products on the market, we guarantee the quality of our hair extensions as the following:

1) High quality hair extensions at the unbeatable price. The birth of our store originates from our experience as customers on shopping quality but affordable clip in human hair extensions. With every effort including our willingness to just keep a small profit to cover various costs, we were eventually able to find a solution for customers who want hair extensions that can be kept, reused, and styled from time to time, but at an unbeatable rock-bottom price. Our products are at the same quality of name brands or well-promoted brands, but at a fraction of their price.

2) Made of 100% remy human hair – natural human hair that keeps cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction, that remains smooth and tangle free throughout its lifetime, and that can be treated and styled like your own hair. It’s not uncommon today for human hair extensions to be mixed with synthetic fibers and/or animal hair. When you get your order from us or others, we encourage you to test it by burning, coloring, bleaching, straightening or curling (please follow the tips & instructions from a brochure in your package). Synthetic, animal or inferior hair has different reactions to such tests from quality human hair.

3) Can be treated/styled including washing, straightening, curling, perming and coloring in a professional manner. Inferior quality hair, since it was processed with strong acid bath and color stripping, has lost its elasticity, resilience and strength. Further styling, perming or dyeing will make it even more brittle. Although dyeing hair extensions always cause damage, quality products should be strong enough for you to do this.

4) Made with quality clips and good sewing work. The clips are selected and sewed satisfying four criteria: secure to grip, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, light and small to hide. Good sewing work means hair being shedding/fraying the least, hair strands being tied strongly and wefts being made evenly and neatly. It’s easy to test hair extensions by examining the clips and wefts, and by gently combing wefts through with fingers or a soft wide-tooth comb to see if any hair is falling or fraying.

5) Keeping the decent weft thickness from the top to the end, ensuring you get the most natural look and the best value for your money. Too many human hair extensions on the market are very thick at the top and the middle but super thin at the bottom because there is too much short hair put into wefts (shorter hair is much cheaper than longer hair). But we deliver what customers really need, ensuring the sufficient bottom thickness at the ends.

6) Full Length and full weight as described. Our wefts are about 1.5" -2" longer than the labeled length, giving you room to trim off without the sacrifice of the length. Hair weight (excluding clips) determines your hair fullness and thickness. Many customers complain their purchased extensions from elsewhere are too thin. It's most likely that those sellers either don’t list their weight or list inflated weight. Not only do our extensions have clear weight information listed, but consumers can expect our sets to have 15 - 20% more hair than others at this listed weight.

7) Manufactured by qualified and reputable suppliers through our highly selective processes. All our products are environment-friendly, ethically sourced and traceable, from the raw hair through the finished products. All applicable laws must be obeyed and all related workers' rights be respected. These suppliers are actually using the same hair materials and craftsmanship to make those well-known name brand hair extensions. These suppliers are distinguished from those underground or regulation-evading sort ot home-based mills in developing countries.

(� How  to  Simply  Tell  Quality  Human  Hair  Extensions  from  Synthetic  Hair  Extensions?

Human hair is protein. When burning, it immediately catches fire and burns nearly instantly with a strong and unpleasant smell, then curls into a chunk of black balls. The balls can be easily pinched into ash. But synthetic hair usually melts slowly rather than burns, and has almost no smell. If it does burn, it can have black smoke just as you burn plastic or synthic materials. Even if there are balls left, the hard balls can't be pinched into ash. In addition, human hair is friendly with straightening and curling, and can be colored or bleached in a proper manner, but synthetic hair not at all.)