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Promotions & Rewards 

As a way to say “THANK YOU” for shopping with us, offers our customers various savings, promotions and coupons. Our deals and promotions may change every month, so keep checking back to see what's next! 

  1. Free Member Rewards as a first time buyer: Take $6 Off When Signing Up

When you simply sign up, you will always be eligible for a $6 coupon code for your first purchase no matter whether we openly run specials for first-time buyers or not. And our reward points/credits program will be able to track all your orders and accordingly accumulate points or credits to your account.  Plus, other benefits,
  •  Save Time – store your address for easy express checkout next time
  • Save Money - receive exclusive discounts or gifts from time to time
  • Stay Informed - track your records and stay tuned for the latest hair style trends,
Sign Up Now for the Instant Savings!
  1. Cumulative Points Rewards as an Existing Customer: 5%-8% Cash Value Back in Redemption

With an account with us(Log in), existing customers earn reward points when you, or an authorized user, make purchases of hair or hair accessories at our site, minus returns or refunds. Reward points are automatically tracked and accumulated in your account and you can check your balance anytime.
When you place an order, you’ll receive an email notification what points you would earn. When you redeem points for your next order, each dollar you spent previously will give you at least 5% cash credit towards your order.
When you make a referral, both you and your friends will get discounts. It works this way - when you have an account with us, you'll see a referral link url in your account. When you forward it to a friend and the link is clicked by her, your friend will be asked to enter her emails for a coupon code. When she place an order with the code, she will receive at least 5% discount off and you'll receive rewarding points as if you've placed the order as well.
All points earned never expire as long as your account remains open with us (unless your account is closed or deleted for reasons of rule violations).
  1. Surprise Rewards for Our Platinum and Gold Customers: Free Hair or 50% Off

By end of each year, we’ll go back to track all of our past orders to generate the Platinum and Gold customers who’ve ordered the most values from us over the past year. Then surprise rewards will be sent to you:

         1) For Platinum customers, we offer completely free of any sets of hair you choose;
         2) For Gold customers, we offer at least 50% off any sets of hair you choose

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