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20" Chocolate Brown Clip in Remy Hair Extensions


Elite L 20" Chocolate Brown

$ 119.99 $ 159.99
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Hair Weft: 100% Remy (remi) Human Hair, thick from top to end
Complete Length: approximately 22" (56cm)
No. Wefts: 10 wefts
(One 8" wide/4 clips, one 7"wide/3 clips, two 6" wide each/3 clips, two 4" wide/2 clips each, four 1.5" wide /1 clip each)
Clips: Pressure metal clips with silicon coating for secure grip
Product Life: up to 12 months (depends on usage & care)
Application Time: approximately 5 minutes (practice is helpful)
Usage: can be treated & styled (washing, straightening, curling and coloring) like your own hair
Suitability: suggested for customers who have medium to thick hair to add length & volume or whoever wants more hair to style
(To further ensure a color match you may send us your hair pictures taken in outdoor lights to reflect true colors)
Expert Tips:
Girls with brunette hair are associated with "attractive, smart, responsible and steady". Our Elite Luxurious Chocolate Brown Set can further strengthen your beauty with lush and long hair by yourself in just a few minutes without the hassle of glues, tapes, micro link/loop or weaves. The high quality human hair ensures your natural look and can be styled like your own hair.
The clips are secure to grip, comfortable to wear and easy to clip on. Since they are very light, our sets can be expected to have 15-20% more hair than other sellers at this weight. The hair wefts are make thick from top to end, ensuring you get the bottom thickness even without the need to trim at the end.
The 10-piece combination for each set is particularly designed to offer flexibility and versatility to meet customers' needs. The four wider wefts (9”, 7”, 6” and 6”) are designed to fit with a wide range of customers who are different in head size, hair thickness and style preference. Even with the six 1.5” wide pieces alone, you have the flexibility to use all of them for maximum volume or simply creating hair streaks, or use some of them for your desired look, or use two of them just as testers before you style the whole set.
Unbelievably versatile styles you can create, at an unbeatable price you can afford!
More Questions? Email us at or call at 914-633-3222(9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday). 


The way you care for human hair extensions is not much different from the way you care for your own hair. Just keep in mind that they need extra nourishment and extra care as they have been color treated and can no longer get nourishment and hydration from roots unlike our growing hair on scalp. So,

  1. Always brush your hair extensions gently with fingers or a soft bristle wide-tooth brush before and after use.

  2. Lightly wash them infrequently, or after every 10-20 wears, or when they get too tangled and frizzy, or when there is much built up and they become unmanageable to style.

  3. Wash in lukewarm water, then apply a small amount of shampoo. Rinse out the shampoo and apply a conditioner for 4-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Allow to air dry.

  4. Always use a heat-protecting spray when using hot tools such as flat irons and curling irons (temperature not set over 350ºF). A regular cloth-use iron is also ideal to iron hair if the temperature is set between “silk” and “wool” without steam.

  5. Use moisturizing and repairing shampoos, conditioners or leave in creams (particularly for color treated hair, e.g., Moroccanoil, sleek-serum CHI, Osis, etc.)

  6. While generally we don’t recommend to re-color/dye the hair especially bleaching it, you may mildly make the hair darker or alter its color with a professional brand of dye and a 10-volume peroxide that deposits color only.

    For more tips, please click on the “Hair FAQs”page 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    a little disappointed

    I have ordered the dark brown hair extensions before and I absolutely loved them. The dark brown lasted me a whole year, so I was a little upset when I bought the chocolate brown and it got very tangled and dry after just 3 washes. I don't know if maybe I just got a bad set but I'm hoping that when I buy the dark brown I won't be let down. I was really happy with the dark brown extensions, with how long they lasted without getting tangled. I loved the fullness of the extensions as well.

    Great quality, perfect colour match

    I've had my extensions for about a week now and they are really fantastic!! The colour match is PERFECT, it is the exact same colour as my own hair. My hair is very thick so it took a couple tries in placement to get it to flow well with my own hair. The extensions could be thicker but in general it just takes some practice to place them on your hair right so it blends seamlessly. It does get a bit thinner from clip to end but its not too bad. They arrived very silky straight but my own hair is more of a wavy texture so i washed them to remove the straighness and that made them match my hair even better. Overall i really really love them. If your hair doesn't have any layers and is cut very bluntly you may have trouble blending with the extensions (i ended up thinning my hair at the ends and adding a few layers so my extensions would blend more easier). Mine had no weird smell when they arrived and so far i have only noticed one grey hair in one of the wefts but that doesn't bother me because its easily removed. The hair DOES get frizzy though but that's to be expected so make sure you have some leave-in hair conditioner or oils on hand to keep it moisturized.

    N. J.
    Just OK

    after wearing the hair for about two months, I feel given the price it does the trick for me, but there are also some issues.

    beautiful color,
    medium thick,
    can be styled, curled,
    no shedding,
    great price

    I found white or lighter color hairs throughout wefts;
    getting frizzy after several washes; tangling without oils;
    the top near the clips has some short hair; some of the ends split;
    some weird chemical smell when first use

    So overall if you don't want to spend $$$ or just get them for occasional uses, go ahead with it; but if you have to wear them daily or many times per week, go elsewhere to get pricier ones

    kristina s.
    Nothing too special.

    When I got my hair it was all ratted and thinner than I expected. I had to comb through to make it better. It feels like synthetic hair because it's so silky and shiny, the only good thing is the length.

    I ordered one day shipping (overnight) and I didn't get it for two days. a waste of the shipping money! I'm so disappointed.


    Since the price was so cheap, I expected them to be not so natural looking, but thought I would work with them. I was sooo surprised!! They are so natural,they look so natural and very comfortable! I forgot I had them on!! I have boy cut short hair. So I am going to order some more extensions from tressmatch to fill in some areas. I have very thick hair and still these look natural. If you have med to thick short hair to your shoulders or longer, one package is fine. But if you have boy short hair, you will need more of the 3 clips and more 1 clips to get it looking natural. The chocolate brown is very natural looking and went perfect with my lighter brown hair. Love it!! I'm going to order more for my boycut hairstyle!!

    Typically looking at our website is enough to find a color match as we do our best to take product photos in natural lights to reflect true colors. And our return policy allows you to return it for exchange even if there is a mistake made. However we provide more ways for you to find the match.

         1. Email us 2-3 true color photos or Mail us your real hair sample

    If you email us photos (the most convenient way), please make sure that photos of your hair cover from the top part of your hair to the bottom and are taken in outdoor natural light without flash (but NOT directly in the sun).

    Please be aware that hair colors tend to be different in pictures with its background colors, lights, and even photo-taking distances.

    So it's important to make sure they reflect your true hair color tones. Then we'll match the color for you.

         2. Get a Free Color Ring Loan

             1) Add a color ring to your shopping cart, and pay it just as you would for a regular purchase.

            2) After receiving the color ring, please compare the color swatch of the color ring to your own hair to get the best possible match.

            3) Mail the color ring back to us within 10 days. We'll issue refund for it if it's properly kept in original conditions upon receipt of it.

    Our mailing and return address is:

    Hair Beauty Supply LLC 

    85 Crescent Ave, New Rochelle NY 10801


    We are located in the downtown New Rochelle (close to the city train station at 85 Crescent Ave, New Rochelle NY 10801), a city just north of NYC. Nearby customers are welcome to stop by, purchase in store, pick up online orders or exchange orders, etc..

      Orders placed (payments received) before 4:30pm EST Monday through Friday, or before 1pm EST Saturday, will be shipped out on the same day. USPS delivers on weekdays & Saturdays while UPS delivers on weekdays only.


      We are located in the downtown New Rochelle (close to the city train station at 85 Crescent Ave, New Rochelle NY 10801), a city just north of NYC. Nearby customers are welcome to stop by, purchase in store, pick up online orders or exchange orders, etc..

      Mailing Shipments Delivery Frames & Estimated Fees:


      USPS First Class

      USPS Priority

      UPS 2nd Day

      Next Day/Overnight

      US Continental

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      2 business days/$19.99


      Next Day/$27.99


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      3-5 business days/free shipping

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      1-2 business days/$27.99



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      7-15 business days/$20.99



      2-3 business days/$39.99

       For more details, please click on  "Shipping & Delivery" policies. Please note: Overnight delivery is not 100% guaranteed for all domestic areas, affected by specific destination conditions (e.g., remote or extended delivery areas classified by USPS/UPS, or uncontrollable weather, traffic or road conditions during delivery). Each case is determined by USPS or UPS and we are not responsible for such delays.

      Please feel free to return hair extensions for exchange or full refund within 30 days of delivery if the instructions below are followed to keep them in original conditions.

      "Upon receipt of your order, you may inspect the hair quality and color by gently taking the cardboard with extensions out of the plastic bag, taking off the net, and touching the hair and matching the color with your hair. At this step, if you decide not to keep it, please contact us promptly for return or exchange. Please Do Not open the golden security ties holding the extensions together, or remove the extensions from its supporting cardboard, or alter, spot, spray or perfume anything on the extensions and packing materials; otherwise the item may not be eligible for return. You should gently push the cardboard with the extensions/nets slowly into the bottom opening of the plastic bag and then throughout its body. Then shake a little bit to make sure everything is back to its original packaging conditions, and seal the plastic bag."

      Please be assured that our product quality is guaranteed. We are happy to offer replacement at no cost to customers, if, for any reason, the hair you've received happens to have any defective issue.


      We are located in the downtown area of New Rochelle (by the I-95 and close to the New Rochelle Train Station), a city just north of NYC. Nearby customers are welcome to visit us for purchase, pick up or exchange for your order in person in case you need to catch an event in a hurry, or you find it's kind of hard to find the right color extensions just based on pictures and computer screens.

      We are open 9am-6pm EST Monday through Friday and 11am-1pm Saturday. If you are not available during these times, please simply email or call us for an appointment time to come, or ask us do the delivery for you. We'll do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

      More questions, please email us at or call 914-633 -3222, or click on the “Return & Exchange Policies



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