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Color Ring


Color Ring

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Color Ring (Photos taken in natural light): 
(From left to right, not all colors in the picture)
Light/Bleach Blonde (#613); Dark Brown (#2); Chestnut Brown (#6); Wheat Blonde (#16); Strawberry/Dirty Blonde (#18); Off Black (#1B); Chocolate Brown (#4)
(While Other colors (Light Brown#8, Champagne Blonde#22, Honey Blonde #27, Light Auburn #30, Dark Auburn #33, Platinum Blonde #60) are not in the picture, they will be provided as well upon order.)
This is not a sell-able item by itself, but only used for your color reference as well as for our free color loan program. Please return it for a full refund after your color choice decision is made. The images doesn't include all the hair colors available. And the hair quality from the ring is not a representative for our full sets of extensions.
How the Free Color Loan Program Works:
1) Add a color ring to your shopping cart, and pay it just as you would for a regular purchase.
2) After receiving the color ring, please compare the color swatch of the color ring to your own hair to get the best possible match.
3) Mail the color ring back to us within 10 days. We'll issue refund for it if it's kept in original conditions upon receipt of it. (We won't charge any restocking fee for return. But we may deduct the initial shipping expense incurred to us (usually $3 for domestic destinations) only if you choose the free shipping option).
We treat the return of the color ring and the order of a full set of hair extensions as two separate transactions. If you decide to buy our extensions, you may immediately order a full set of extensions on our website so that you can receive it sooner, even before you return the color ring; or you may wait to order a full set after you receive the refund for the color ring. So this method does not cost any more than the regular way of purchasing extensions. It just takes a little more time and patience.

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